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Need a haircut for

It's sorted.

tomorrow's presentation?

Hairspace recreates your salon haircut at the touch of a button. Strand for strand. At your place. 

Three steps. It's simple.



Get your usual haircut from your favorite hairdressers.

HairSense Project-01.png


To map your cut, glide HairSpace through your hair. Your device measures and maps over 5000 hair length points. Perfectly capturing your haircuts in digital form.

HairSense Project-02.png


Whenever you need a fresh haircut, just glide HairSpace through your hair. It cuts each strand of hair to the correct length automatically using our 'hair-pixel' technology. With a result as good as your stylist.

HairSense Project(transparent)-03.png


Haircuts right now.  No travel, no waiting.

- Store your salon hairstyles in your app. And cut them anytime.


- Or preview and buy new styles and cut them instantly.

iPhone 14 Pro Max in deep purple color_Profile-30ad1.png
iPhone 14 Pro Max in deep purple color_Cutting-92bbd.png

It's a salon in your hands.

It's a stunning haircut exactly when you need it. Our new technology recreates your salon haircuts, right away, at the touch of a button. We do all the hard work for you. It's like magic. 

Render file.6.png

You are in control.

Because its app powered, you get to choose the exact style you want. And then cut it right away. You'll never have to plan your day around a haircut again.


June 25 2021
Hairspace receives $1m investment to develop its game changing hairdressing tech
Feb 2024
Hairspace receives patent grants in the US, China, Japan, India, and Australia, with more on the way. 
April 2024
Hairspace starts trials in Auckland. 
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