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Introducing the Hairspace


Your personal stylist, anytime, anywhere. 

The clipper that can do what no other clipper can. It pulls hair strands straight up, just like a hairdresser to measure or cut. Recreating your own salon haircuts. 

Smart hair clipper


No experience required

Simply connect and follow the in App guide. We do all the length cutting for you, up to 8cm in length.

Firefly back of male head wearing a teeshirt, short to medium length hair, black backgroun


Fully Automated haircuts

Automatically re-create your own full-length salon haircut at home. 

Smart hair clipper

Just two steps to the perfect cut

Step one: Use the smart clipper to measure your salon hairstyle.

Step two: Use the smart clipper to re-create your style.

Smart mobile app

SMART CLIPPER Specifications

Smart hair clipper

0-8cm Cutting length

Perfect for short to medium hair styles, typically requiring scissors to cut. 

Advanced hair capture technology

With our new Comb Straight technology, we accurately isolate and pull hair strands straight up, just like a hairdresser. We can then either measure or cut them to any length, with millimeter precision.

Inside out tracking

Accurately maps your hair, in any room of the house

Bluetooth Connectivity

Easily connect with your mobile device

4 Hour

Easy USB-C charging, and plenty of juice to give the whole family haircuts. 


Easily maintain your own haircut


Cut friends and family like a pro

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